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Supply24 have always provided me with excellent services and always get back to me when they say they will. Supply24 are pro-active in offering their services but are never pushy (unlike many other agency reps we have dealt with)

All of the team at Supply24 have taken the time to introduce themselves to me and get to know how I like to be worked with but Beth is my one point of contact.

Although we rarely use agencies for staffing, on the occasions we have done so, Beth and her team have been extremely helpful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Beth.
Head Teachers PA
2017-05-09, 07:16
I have been very happy with the service Supply24 have provided me in my current and previous school. Beth has taken the time to get to know each school by visiting us and getting to know the type of teachers we require. She is respectful towards our time and communicates with the school in whatever fashion we prefer, I love the texting service. Beth has provided a string of excellent supply teachers who are punctual and effective in the classroom, Both last minute and prearranged cover. Beth has been tenacious in helping fill our Teaching positions this summer and I thank her for her hard work. When I moved schools in Janaury, I took with me the agencies that I felt did an excellent job, Supply24 and Beth were top of that list!
2017-05-09, 07:15
Over the past academic year we have worked with Beth Adams and her team at Supply24. Beth has taken the time to get to know our school in order to find us staff that would be suitable for this school and our pupils.

I have always found Beh to be friendly and approachable yet professional in all areas. She has been to visit the school on several occasions this year and has provided us with excellent, hard working staff. She obviously cares equally about the staff that Supply24 are providing and conducts excellent research into academic backgrounds and personal interests.

I would highly recommend Beth and Supply24 to other schools.
Head Teacher
2017-05-09, 07:15
Supply24 found me a permanent position within a school that would support me with my NQT Year, Whilst finding work Beth was my consultant.

I found Beth very approachable and willing to help. When I was interviewing with schools she took the time to give interview advice and to discuss what the particular needs to the school were to help me at interview.

I have no hesitation in recommending Beth and supply24.
Primary School Teacher
2017-05-09, 07:14
When I registered with Supply24 beginning of 2016 I had little experience in the education sector but was keen to do what it takes to gain the required experience to work within a school. Supply24 have been very helpful in offering me CPD to develop myself as a Teaching Assistant which I have undertaken. Supply24 have given me excellent career advice and constructive feedback after working for them. Since registering with them I have developed as an individual and gained a lot of experience which has enabled me to secure a permanent position within a school.

Supply24 always had a lot of work to offer me and all the schools I worked at through them spoke highly of Supply24.

I highly recommend registering with Supply24 if you are looking for work in the education sector.
Teaching Assistant
2017-05-09, 07:14
I am a performance, dance, and drama Teacher (QTLS), I work in schools part time and run my own business in creative arts in education sector.

I mention this, Because this is a testimonial to Supply24 professionalism, attitude and sheer gumption, that barely after 2 weeks of registration at the end of summer, Supply24 managed to secure me an interview at a school that is 15 minutes away from my home and was the exact role that I said at registration that I wanted to secure for my next part time position within a school.

In the past, Many agencies have either not been able to find me work or tried to makes excuses about the choice of work that would be available to me as a Teacher that trained through the QTLS system.

Supply24 however, approached me with courteousness, professionalism and patience, respected my experience in teaching and made sure that I felt I could refuse any opportunities I felt were not right for me (although they only offered me suitable positions as they listened to me at registration)
This left me free to take on what was right for my situation0 this was so important, as I had a very clear idea of what I wanted. Because Supply24 understood this, They were patient and renegotiated things for me if I felt dissatisfied in any way. This was done with ease and confidence whilst remaining genuine, very rare from a supply agency.

I would highly recommend any educational staff to register with Supply24 as you will not be disappointed.
Drama Teacher
2017-05-09, 07:14
I have found Beth to be professional and she has matched me to roles perfectly.
Beth has kept me up to date promptly with roles that best suit me.
I have recently been placed in a role through Beth for which I have been successful with.
I would highly recommend Beth and Supply24 for any recruitment needs
School Business Manager
2017-05-09, 07:14
I first met Beth Adams in August 2013 when I wanted to re-register as a Supply Teacher at her previous education agency following a three-year break from the profession. On the telephone initially, it was immediately clear to me that Beth had a strong knowledge of the problems and difficulties, Supply Teachers and Head Teachers face in this modern day and age and this was confirmed further when I met her in person. We went through the paperwork in a clear and steady pace so that I could understand it easily and I liked the way Beth was keen to make sure I understood everything and was willing to answer questions. With her extensive knowledge of being a consultant, she was able to find out that I didn’t have to re-register in all areas as it had only been six months ago, but in some cases I just had to re fresh certain documents with another signature and more information.
Again, based on her expertise she suggested transferring from Secondary level to Primary level in order broaden my experience but also to rekindle my desire to be a Supply Teacher as I said to her, that I had lost interest at working at Secondary level in the past. I have to say that turned out to be the best decision I made because Beth got me two interviews within the next week at local Primary Schools that were based on the points I made about the type of schools I would be happy to work in. It was pretty clear, Beth is a good listener and genuinely cares about individualising candidate’s choices and building up a strong relationship with schools and candidates so that they can be matched successfully. Both interviews were successful and I got the offer of work from one which I was very happy to accept.

However, I was worried about the directions to the school as I had difficulty before. Fortunately, Beth had driven to the school many times before and could give me advice and directions. She also visited in the week I started work there and gave me a starter pack with stationery and doughnuts which was greatly appreciated. It was also something no other consultant had ever done for me before and I have been teaching for fifteen years and joined five other teaching agencies in the past. Some of which have never visited the schools they provide teachers for. Beth has always been open and honest which I respect enormously and rang me regularly to see how I was doing. She also kept to every promise that she made and returned all my calls when I left her a message. She sadly left this education Recruitment Agency and I only found out from her replacement. I did contact Beth’s replacement a few times afterwards but it was pretty clear that she was not as knowledgeable or helpful as Beth. For one thing, she never returned my calls. I therefore joined an online recruitment website and uploaded my C.V on it. Little did I know that Beth found it and contacted me through the new agency she had joined as a Division Manager. I was so happy that she got back in touch again and that she had got promotion because I firmly believe that she deserved it. I therefore joined her new agency Supply24 and did not hesitate to do so.

Sure enough, Beth got me four interviews in four days as I had been released from a previous post and I secured a long-term place in an outstanding school which was better than I could have hoped for. After each interview, she could give me constructive feedback and can look at issues objectively. After a negative experience at one school, I was placed to work a day’s supply teaching at, Beth suggested I write down what had happened that day. I must say that really helped as I could write down facts and reflect on it in a positive way. Also, when I have asked Beth to ask certain questions of a particular school or pass on certain information, she has done so and therefore secured good relationships for the future. I know certain Head Teachers will only ask to speak with Beth and I feel the same way because she is a strong consultant who is very good at her job. I would strongly recommend Beth to others and I am so grateful for the help she has given me, that I will not work with any other consultant now.
Qualified Teacher Status
2017-05-09, 07:13